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Opemia is Headed to Israel in 2023

We are excited to share that our CEO, Andre Whittington was recently awarded a scholarship and accepted into the Israel 360 Innovation Academy Executive Program. This is an amazing opportunity and will provide development, networking, and immersive experiences to assist in positioning Opemia Consulting to do business internationally.

The Israel 360 Innovation Academy will consist of 3-Months of extensive online training that will cover innovative topics, provide interactive online classes with industry leaders, share key insights on how to do business in Israel, and culminate with an immersive experience in Israel in May of 2023.


"A part of our long-term strategy is to do business internationally and grow our technology capabilities. This opportunity will provide us with the network, knowledge, and relationships to make this goal a reality. I am very excited to see how this opportunity will position us for long-term growth".

- Andre Whittington, Opemia Consulting, CEO


This program will provide us with an opportunity to learn more about doing business internationally and connect us directly with Israeli business leaders. Israel is the country with the most Startups per capita in the world and is a pioneer in the most important industries: (Fintech, Medtech, Media, IoT, VR / AR, Cleantech, Agtech). In this rapidly changing world, those who know how to pivot and adapt to change will have the best chance of success and we are excited about our future.

About Innovation Experience Israel 360

Innovation Experience Israel360° is a certified international program for personal and professional development aimed at leaders, influential business people, and those who are leaders in their fields.

To learn more about Innovation Experience Israel 360 visit:

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