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We believe that when companies have passionate people in the right positions all things are possible. 

We believe that when companies have the right strategy they will achieve long-term success.

We believe that when people have the right tools to accomplish their job the possibilities are endless.

Opemia Consulting is your complete consulting solution to assist you in ensuring your business or organization has the right people, the right strategy, and the right tools. 

Successful Restaurant Owner

Our ultimate goal is to help businesses and organizations identify & address the challenges they are facing with solutions that are innovative and sustainable.

Andre Whittington

CEO & Founder

About Us

Sparked by the idea, "See a need, fill a need". Opemia Consulting was founded by Andre Whittington in 2019 to provide services to businesses and organizations. Our vision is to be a trusted advisor to our clients and positively impact the communities in which we serve. 

Every business idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: Business problems need real & sustainable solutions.

Opemia was created to provide real, innovative, and sustainable solutions to address the problems faced by businesses and organizations. We achieve this by working directly with leaders using our three-point system, "The Opemia Experience". This system allows us to assess your organizational needs (People, Strategy, Tools), engage your Executive Leadership Team, and work collaboratively with you to identify the right solutions. 

We believe that the most important component of all business relationships is trust. Our goal is to build trust with you and your team by working side by side as we address the most complex problems facing your business or organization.

We created the OPEMIA Experience because we believe every client deserves the best we can offer. This experience starts from the initial consultation and extends well beyond project end dates. We believe in empowering leaders with the tools, resources, and skills they need to move their business forward.


Our priority will always be to connect you to what matters most, to your customers, employees, and bottom line. 

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Create unmatched client experiences that inspires the innovation and courage needed to address complex problems while delivering sustainable results.


We deliver innovative solutions to address the unique needs of your business. We will always uphold our core values no matter the cost. 



We uphold the highest standards of integrity and are committed to doing what's right


We are committed to fostering strong and healthy relationships with our internal and external customers

Innovate & Inspire

We value thought & creativity. We are committed to creating the business model and leader of the future


We are personally accountable for our actions and delivering on our commitments


Real value, real impact, and genuine connections with our partners and employees


We are committed to doing our part in fighting injustices, and inequality

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